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Introduction: Fresnel Clock

This Instructable describes how to build a wall clock using a Fresnel lens and a watch. The Fresnel lens is used to magnify the small watch so that together they could be used as a wall clock. This is a novel way to utilize an old or classic watch as a wall clock.


  • 3D printed .stl files (or other 'frame' for the fresnel lens)
  • Fresnel Lens (4 inch diameter)
  • Small Watch
  • Double Stick Tape

Step 1: Procure the Materials and 3D Printed Frame

See the linked .stl files. These files were created in inches.

The Fresnel lens can easily be bought on eBay or Amazon. Here is a link to one example:

Step 2: Prepare the Watch

Prepare the watch by removing the watch bands and adding double stick tape to the back of the main time piece. Fasten this to the center of the 'Fresnel Clock Back'

Step 3: Insert the Fresnel Lens

Insert the fresnel lens into the 'Fresnel Clock Front'. The lens should fit in the print tight enough that no glue or fasteners are needed.

Step 4: Close the Frame

Simply set the two 3D printed pieces together. The legs of the 'Back' piece will slide along the walls of the 'Front' and hold the lens in place.

Step 5: Complete

Your Fresnel clock is now complete. You can use additional double stick tape to mount this clock onto a wall, or simply set it on a table. The watch should be readable up to about 5 feet way.

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