Friction Bmx Pro - Ject

Introduction: Friction Bmx Pro - Ject

This is my friction bike attempt on a vintage Bmx bike I picked up for £10. I then went on to buy a 21cc mcculloch strimmer engine for £1.50 (cheap) I managed to purchase some angle iron and bought different sized bolts and thread, nuts ect; once I'd fiddled about with mounting the frame (which took quite a lot of attempts) I purchased an adjustable bolt to wind the peg up and down of the back wheel. For the peg I used a manual drill head and just stuck a load of washers into it, placed it over the 8mm thread then simply just used the nut that came off the thread to secure it in place. I sprayed it black got some fitting yellow cable one for the front disk brake and the other for the throttle lever. Tested it for the first time only to find that I had applied to much pressure to the wheel which caused the engine to splutter. Once I'd realised the error I loosened the pressure of the peg to next to nothing really and worked a treat after that. I'd say I got about 20 - 25mph on a slight downslope however going on the upslope it would decrease to 12 - 16mph and I'd have to pedal to increase the speed and keep the engine at full revs. I'd say I've a lot more to learn as this is my first friction bike project but was great fun building. If I start another friction bike project I'm going to use a 3hp 52cc engine on a dual suspension adult bike n hopefully get more speed..........

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    8 years ago

    Yh I'll be sure to do that, thanks :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very interesting!

    If you do in fact make another one, be sure to take some in-process photos! I think people would love to see a detailed step-by-step guide showing how a friction bike is built. It looks very cool!