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Introduction: Fridge Magnet for Cutting Boards

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This is a very simple project. Breakdown:

  1. Put a carriage bolt through a magnet
  2. Glue on some rubber
  3. (optional) Sand blast to remove shine.

Assumptions - Your cutting board:

  1. has a hole in it
  2. is reasonably lightweight

Here's the 3.5 minute video. I don't say much, but I do make a fridge magnet.


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Step 1: Stick on the Rubber

This will protect your refrigerator and give a bit more friction.

Cut & Attach Rubber

  1. Using an X-Acto knife (affiliate link), place the magnet on the rubber, then cut a disc w/ a hole in it to match the ceramic portion of the magnet.
  2. Use CA glue to stick the rubber on the magnet.
  3. Put some weight on it, and let it dry for about 1 minute.

Tip: Cure any uncured blobs of CA-glue squeeze-out using baking soda. Just shake it around in the magnet area and dump the baking soda out. See my video at timestamp 1:42 to see what I'm talking about.

Step 2: Assemble the Hardware

On the carriage bolt,

  1. Install first nut, leaving about 1/2" of bolt sticking through
  2. Add the magnet
  3. Install second nut

Check this: be sure the bolt doesn't protrude past the business end of the magnet.

Verify the length works for your cutting board, then tighten things up.

Step 3: Optional: Sand Blast

I'm not a fan of shiny chrome-y-ness, so I sandblasted it using this cheap $25ish sand blaster.

You don't need a huge air compressor for small projects like this.


  • Use fine sandblasting media. You can get this from your local monument shop. Fine sand works better in the cheap sand blaster, and it provides more of a matte (rather than pitted) finish.
  • Don't blast the bottom of the magnet.
  • Clean sand off the bottom of the magnet before using on your fridge. (unless you want scratches on your fridge)

Step 4: Done.

What else can be hung? Pizza peels? Small pots & pans?


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    Question 2 years ago

    I’d be tempted to add the rubber AFTER fixing the bolt. It’ll look a little tidier to this who rush to inspect it. Also it’ll protect the fridge if the nut loosens and unscrews with use. Also using a nylock type nut (or 2 nuts (fnarr!) , should prevent the nut from loosening & therefore unscrewing.


    Answer 2 years ago

    Good point! Everyone, do this instead. ^^


    2 years ago

    But how do we make that cutting board that looks so sweet?