Introduction: Fridge-Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

This super easy-to-make beer bottle opener mounts to your refrigerator using magnets and doesn't require any special skills or tools to assemble except a screwdriver. Since it's made in two pieces, you can mount it anywhere you'd like. In my photos, you can see I've mounted my opener on my freezer door, and the bin to catch the caps on the fridge door.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • Bottle opener - from any hardware store; I got mine at OSH.
  • Two very strong magnets - from any hardware store; I chose two with 25lb. rating each.
  • Two sets of short bolts/nuts - from any hardware store; long enough to fit through the bottle opener and the magnet, but no longer. In my photos, you can see that I used what I had on hand, so I used some extra washers to make them fit.
  • Catch bin - I purchased the one with a strong magnet already on it in these photos from Office Depot. You can choose any size/type bin you want and attach your own magnets.

Step 2: Bolt the Bottle Opener to the Magnets

Put the bolt through the bottle opener and magnet, and attach the nut on the other side. Put your finger on the nut to hold it still and use the screwdriver to tighten the bolt into the nut.

Repeat the process for the remaining magnet - and it's ok if the bolt/nut are just finger-tight.

Step 3: Place the Bin and Opener

Place the bin and opener with enough space apart for your tallest beer. Open, drink, and cheers!