Introduction: Friedrick

Hi! We want to show you how to build our gadget that helps hemiplegic people hold things. Our gadget includes a tray to place your object on top of and spikes and magnets that make it easier for your object to stay in place. On top of the tray is an arm with a zip tie attachment to hold your object.

(Note: This is for a school project. This may or may not work.)

Step 1: Getting Your Materials Ready

Create your supply pieces on and design a tray table with spikes to attach to the tray, and knife attachments to cut the food. Use wood to cut out the arm that is used to cut the food.

Step 2: Getting Your Materials Together

3D print out your pieces to build your gadget: a tray and the zip tie attachment to hold the object. Also include magnets to glue to the tray later. Cut out a wood arm that has a 90 degree angle.

Step 3: Assembling Your Gadget

Once you have all of your pieces printed and cut, you need to put them together. First you need to attach the wood cutting arm to your printed tray table. You also need to attach the magnets to the spikes, and then the spikes to the tray. The last attachment is the attachments to hold the object.

Step 4: Using Your Gadget

Now you are ready to use your gadget. You can use any object that needs to be opened and place it down on the spikes or a magnet. Use the arm to hold the object you need to open. You can use the zip tie attachment to clamp jars and bottles so you can open them. Thank you for using Friedrick!