Introduction: Friendship Band

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This is a fun and crafty bracelet or headband! Please leave a comment above and tell me what you think! Thank you!

Step 1: Supplies

You'll need four different color string, scissors, and tape for this project.

Step 2: Measurements

If you want to make a bracelet;
Since you'll want a shorter bracelet cut the four string into 2 ft strands. Put them all together and tape it to the table.

If you want a headband;
You'll probably want a longer and thicker headband so cut the four strings into 4 ft each and make sure there's two strand of each color.

Step 3:

Now separate one color from the other three. With the lone color, cross it over the other three so you make a 4 shape. Then bring the lone string under the three and through the hole in the 4 shape you made. Repeat this 8-10 times and you'll finish your first section.

Step 4:

After repeating step 3 you'll need to choose a new color and add the lone one you were just using to the pile of three. Repeat step 3 with your new color and choose and new color. Repeat and you'll end up with something like this.

Step 5: Problems and Solutions

If you are making a bracelet stop at 10 inches of length. You may wonder how you started with 2 ft and now you have 10 in. This is because of all the nots you have created to make this cool design.

You may notice that some colors are longer than others. Don't freak out this happened to me too. If you are finished and satisfied with your length just cut off the extra and make the ends even.

Step 6: Time to Wear!

This bracelet or headband is really stylish and cool! It's way better than an old headband or bracelet you had before! Try it out! I dare you! Remember to leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed!