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Introduction: Friendship Bracelet

This is a simple DIY tutorial on how to make an adorable friendship bracelet!

Step 1: Choose Your Embroidery Floss

These bracelet are made with embroidery floss, which you can find at stores like wal-mart. Plenty of colours are available.

Step 2: For Mine, I Chose Pink.

I have two shades of pink, a more vibrant one and then a softer pink. You can use any colous you want and the amount of colours also!

Step 3: Decide of the Number of Strands You Want

The more strands of floss you use, the wider your bracelet will be! I used 3 of each colour. Each strand is about 30 inches long, but that mesure depends on how long you want your bracelet to be. I always like having extra lenght in case it ends up being to short!

Step 4: Tie a Knot and Separate Your Strands

Tie a knot at the end of the strands to secure them together and make sure there is room at the top left to tie it on you wrist then you willbe done. I separated my strands by colour, so that the final product will give me 3 rows of dark pink followed by 3 rows of the softer pink, and that in continuance. You should then tape down your bracelet to a table or even your leg to make it easier for when you will start the knots!

Step 5: Beginning the Bracelet

Now comes the harder part, which is not that hard. Don't worry! Take the first strand (completly to the left) and make a "four (4)" over the second one.

Step 6: Making the Knots

Pass the first strand under the second, like if tying a knot, and pull on the first one upwards while holding the second one down. There are pictures further that really show how to do it (step 8-9). Make sure you repeat this step twice, so that it does two knots, or else the bracelet will be awfully small and awkward!

Step 7: Making a "4"

Repeat the step before but with the first strand (which is now to the right of the second) and the third strand. Remember to do the "4".

Step 8: Passing It Under

Then pass the first strand under the third.

Step 9: Pull the First String Upwards

This shows really how to pull the first upwards while keeping the third one straight. It's like if you're doing a normal knot, but only pulling on one strand, while keeping the other one firmly straight.

Step 10: Ending the Row

Repeat the knot process with the first strand and all the other ones. You will notice that the first strand moves to the right and that at the end, it will be completly at the right.

Step 11: Second Row

Start the second row with the strand completly to the left and do the same as for the first row. The strand will end up at the end again.

Step 12: Next Colour

Keep going on even with the second colour. When you will have a different colour to start with, it will be the same process as before. You will notice that the knots will be a different colour!

Step 13: Ending the Bracelet

Once it is at the desired length you wanted, make sure it fits where you wanted to put it and simply tie a couple of knots with the ends to secure it in place and VOILA! You have an adorable friendship bracelet to share with someone special!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    embroidery floss is just an embroidery thread ? because I dont know what it is exactly here

    Wow!!!! I love it! I love it!
    Friendship day is on its way!!! And i'm surely gonna be ready for it, coz this time i wanted to give my friends something different rather purchasing the bands from the stores and i can customize with my fav colours and make it more creative than the ones from the market!!!
    Thankyou So much, Chelsea!
    Hope to see you again! <3