Introduction: Friendship Bracelet

Today I am going to teach you step by step how to make a fun and easy friendship bracelet.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

In order to make the perfect friendship bracelet, you will need:



Four 2ft Pieces of Embroidery String

The string can be any color you desire. You can use as many colors as you want.

Step 2: Cut the String

Cut one 2ft strand of string for each color. The length depends on how big you want your bracelet to be. You can make it longer to make it into an anklet or a necklace. Fold the string in half so that you now have eight strands of string.

Step 3: Tie the String

Where the strings fold, tie a knot leaving an inch of space.

Step 4: Tape It Down

Secure the string to a flat surface with tape. Make sure that you tape above the knot so that the string is still loose.

Step 5: Separate

Separate the string in the pattern you want it to appear when you tie it all together.

Step 6: Make the First Knot

Grab the first color and separate it from all the other string. Then cross it over the top of the excess and make a "4" shape as shown above.

Step 7: Finish the First Knot

Wrap the string around and under the excess string. Then, pull the string up and tighten it.

Step 8: Continue With Your First Color!

Continue this process until you have about a 1/2 inch of that color.

Step 9: Move on to Other Colors

Repeat the"4" knot over and over again switching colors until it reaches the length you want.

Step 10: Tie the End

At the end of your bracelet, tie a knot to secure the braid in place.

Step 11: Separate the Strands

Equally separate the excess string. Braid each side and secure with a know at the end of each.

Step 12: Cut Excess

After you tie the knots to secure the two braids, cut the leftover string off.

Step 13: Tie!

Loop one of the braids through the coil at the other end of the bracelet. Tighten it to your liking and tie in a bow or knot.

Step 14: Wear Your New Bracelet!