Friendship Bracelets: the Basic Knots




Introduction: Friendship Bracelets: the Basic Knots

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As the summer days are coming closer, our wrist and ankles are going to be showing more, so why not embellish?! In this tutorial, you are going to be learning the beginnings of a friendship bracelets and how to make your first one. So, have fun and knot!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Here is what you will need:

- 2 pieces of embroidery thread that are in different colors but are equal length. I would make them about an arm's length each if you want to make the bracelet at the end, but if you just want to practice, you can make it shorter.

- a book or a magazine. Any "sturdy" material will do!

- tape to hold the embroidery thread down.

- scissors to cut the loose ends.

Picture 1 should show all of the materials working together (except the scissors)

Step 2: Position the Strings

There should be no twists under the knot you made. Split the two strings apart! One string should be, and one should be on the left.

Step 3: The Number Four

Put string 1 (a.k.a The Yellow String) over the string 2 (a.k.a The Purple String) at a 90 degree angle. The pair of strings should look like the number 4.

Step 4: Pull String 1 Under String 2

Take the end of S1, while not completely destroying the "4", put it under S2 and out the middle of the "4".

Step 5: Pull in the Strings a Bit

Now, pull the strings so the "4" becomes smaller. It shouldn't be too tight.

Step 6: Pull Tightly on String One

Now, pull up S1 really tight on S2.

To practice, make 4 more knots (a total of five). The knots should look like the knots in the picture

That is your right knot!

Step 7: Make the Left Knot

To make your left knot, do everything in reverse. Do the exact same steps, but instead of a regular "4", you are making a backwards "4". How I started it was that I just changed the directions of S1 over S2. Instead of going to the right, it's going to left. Pictures of the left knot steps are included.

Step 8: Left Knot Practice

Like you did for the right knot, practice by doing a four more knots...

Step 9: Extra Stuff

I would practice doing the right-left knot pattern until S1 runs out. Keep on going back and forth (ex: 5 right-knots, 5 left-knots, 5 right knots,... etc.) The end result should be about the size of your wrist or your ankle, if not longer. If it's longer it will just be easier to try! A simple common bracelet to do with these knots, is the "Chinese Staircase" bracelet. This bracelet will be shown in the next couple of tutorials.
In the picture that corresponds to this step, the bracelet is not very long because I was playing around with string lengths.

Well, that's basically it! Congrats on making your first(?) bracelet and knots. I'll definitely try to post more things, so stay tuned! Thanks and bye!

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