Introduction: "Frill Up" Your Notebook! Magazine DIY

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You will LOVE this easy DIY on how to make your notebook more stylish!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this instructable, all you need to do is gather a few simple household items.

  • Scissors
  • A Colorful Magazine
  • Your Notebook
  • Clear Tape
Now, you have your items.

Step 2: Get Pages

Basically, all you have to do is find the most colorful pages of the magazine and one of the small papers that is in cardstock. (as shown above [or below, idk {lol}])

Step 3: Cut Up Stock

Cut up the cardstock in little squares, like my representation.

Step 4: Now, for the Frills!

Cut up the pages into vertical strips, and then cut the strips in half. There, now you have your frills!

Step 5: Tape Your Frills.

Starting at the bottom, tape the top of the frills onto the notebook in any fashion. Keep doing that until you get to the top.

Step 6: Extra, Extra, What're Ya Gonna Do With It?

So, you probably have extra strips of paper. Well, they can't go to waste. Clear off your space, and then rip those extras up into medium sized pieces. Just, don't make a mess.

Step 7: Back Side Time

Now, you have to put the pieces on the backside of the notebook and tape them down. I suggest doing one piece of tape at a time, so if you mess up, it won't cost the whole project. It ends up looking cool!


Now, take the cardstock and write the letters of your name on individual pieces, like shown. Then, take the pieces and tape them to the top of the front of the notebook, also shown.

Step 9: Good Job!

Now, you have finished your "frilled up" notebook! If you want, you can add glitter and sequins. I didn't though, because I wanted you to see that it looks amazing even without extra décor. Thank you for reading my instructable! Have fun!

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