Introduction: Fringe Jacket

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In some of the fashion magazines, jackets  and sweaters with fringes have claimed a small part of the trends page. This is a super easy way to take a simple cheap sweater and make it into one of these fashionable trends. It'll turn out better than you expect - i promise.
I used a sweater i got from target for like $8 - look in thrift stores too !

What you'll need :
- any sweater or jacket
- scissors (make sure they're pretty sharp so your cloth wont fray)

Step 1: Lay It Out and Start Cutting

Lay out your sweater and decide how long you want your fringe to be. I went up to the third button and then a bit higher in the back. You can mark where to cut with the chalk (it washes out easily).

You can leave the buttons and button holes are part of the fringe like I did or you can cut them off.

Step 2: Cut !

Now you just have to keep cutting the fringe to whatever length you want. cut each piece to about 1cm in width. Once you've cut it - pull each piece gently to sort of separate them.

Step 3: Be Awesome and Wear It.

You're done !

You can also play around with the sleeves, whatever you think looks best.