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On Sunday I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco and found so many great crafts including a lot of trendy fashion forward accessories.  However, the prices didn't really fit into my budget.  My goal is to recreate the items I liked for 1/3 or less the price.

Here is the fringe-necktie.  It is easy to make and you can find most of the materials in your house.

inspired by lilian asterfield by nicole deponte

Step 1: Materials

The fringe-necklace was $38 at the craft fair and I'm pretty sure it was on sale. I paid approx. $12, but if I didn't have to pay for the tie it could easily have been under $10.

Necktie: $6 found at a second hand shop, or you can steal a necktie from your boyfriend!
Fringe (1 1/2 yards): approx. $5, ($3.5/yrd) found at any fabric or sewing shop. You can also buy some easily online.
Buttons: take buttons off of your old clothing. I happened to find these in my moms sewing box. They weren't on the original neckties but I added them for flare, I think they look cool!
Needle and Thread - already had

Step 2: Fringe to Necktie

I sewed this by hand.  Sew the fringe to the edge of the tie.

At first I pinned the tie and fringe together having them overlap about 1cm but when I started sewing them together the fabric on the tie wrinkled in a weird way.


I sewed them edge to edge so there is no overlapping of fabric.  To understand this look at the pictures.

Step 3: Sew Together

Use these loop around stitches through the edge of the tie and the fringe top edge.  If you do this strategically, when you loop the thread through the fringe you can make sure the strands don't pull out of the fringe.

Once the fringe is sewn on sew the ends of the tie together.  Make sure the insides of each end are facing the same way (look at picture).

Step 4: Attach Button

I found these buttons lying around.  I thought they would be a great enhancement for the necktie!  You could add a chain, pin, or any other accent piece.

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