Introduction: Fringed Fold-over Disco Bikini Bottom

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Who wouldn't love this silver metallic swimsuit bottom? It has fringe all around the bottom of the foldover waistband. I prefer foldover waistbands, since tight elastic often digs into hips and thighs and gives even the sveltest of girls a muffin-top. Eeeek!

Step 1: Getting Started

I started with the pants contest flat. I erased the parts that I wouldn't be needing, using the paintbrush set on "transparent".

Step 2: Basic Outline

Then, I connected the lines back together with the pencil tool in black, and added a foldover waistband.

Step 3: Adding Color

I set the original layer to "multiply", and added a second layer behind the first. The second layer will be the color layer.

I selected "add image", from the file menu, to add in a picture of some awesome disconium fabric!

Step 4: Shaping the Skirt

Using the paintbrush set on "transparent", I erased the extra fabric around the top and sides. Since I was working on a different layer, the pencil lines stayed right where they were as I erased the color under and around them.

Step 5: Add Fringe, and We're Finished!

Next, I used narrow white pencil lines to make the fringe. I selected "steady line", since I wanted the fringe to be even, but not perfectly straight. Starting at the leg openings, I drew white lines on the color layer to make my fringe.

And I'm done! I think it looks great. I only wish it was a real swimsuit!

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