Frog Heating Pad

Introduction: Frog Heating Pad

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I made this heating pad frog for my sister, it's a simple frog-shaped sleeve fill with dried beans as a filler. This heating pad is great to heat up and use for sore spots or cramps. The size is up to preference dependent on what you'd like to use it for. WARNING: Since this will likely be going in the microwave, do not put any metal things in or on your creation.


Fabric (I used t-shirt scraps without any printed designs on them)

Dried beans or rice

Thread Sewing machine (Optional)

Sewing needle

Buttons for eyes (Optional)

Fabric scissors or rotary cutter set

Step 1: Drawing a Pattern

First, you have to find or make a pattern for the shape you want to make your heating pad. For the purpose of this instructable, I am making a small frog since I did not have many dried beans at the time, feel free to try out any animal you'd like (I did a frog because the person I made it for loves them). Note: The only recommendation for the shape is that it should be flat for heating pad purposes.

Step 2: Tracing

Trace your pattern onto your fabric. I traced the bottom and top pieces of the pattern twice with the second time being a mirrored version.

Step 3: Cutting Things Out

Cut out traces pieces with seam allowance.

Step 4: Sewing!

Sew together pattern, make sure you have a hole for flipping it later. I sewed the left and right halves, did a straight stitch across the top and bottom, and sewed the back, leaving the belly open.

Step 5: Prepping for Filling

Trim excess fabric, flip inside out, and add eyes or any other desired details.

Step 6: Filling Your Frog

Fill with dried rice/beans, rice has less of an odor so I recommend that over beans, or wash your dried beans before putting them in the frog.

Step 7: Finishing Touches...

Sew shut with a ladder stitch and fill with more beans/rice if necessary before fully closing it up.

Step 8: Finished!

To make your creation into a heating pad, place in microwave for about a minute. Time depends on the size of the pad and the desired heat level. Now you have a great heating pad for those cramps that won't quit or for sore spots after a long day's work!

About the Creator:

Hi! My name is Coralie and I am a student assistant at EXLAB Atlanta. I love to do projects where I make something and include a more artistic element whether it be embroidering a shirt I modified or recreating a board game with my own artistic twist.

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