Introduction: Frog Tank

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Hi everyone!!!:) ok. So currently, I have a leopard frog, grey tree frog, bearded dragon, baby bluegill and baby catfish. In my bedroom. This instructable is on the leopard frog habitat that I built, and is relatively simple to make. If you have any questions please ask, I would be happy to answer them!!

Step 1: The Tank

First, you will need a tank. The tank can be glass or plastic, and you want to compare the size of the frog with the size of your tank. I have a 7 by 4 by 5 inch tank for a 1 inch frog. If you do not have a tank, has a great list of options, and I purchased a lees critter keeper brand tank.

Step 2: Decorations and Water

Frogs enjoy an environment that includes places to hide. An inch or so or gravel covering the bottom of the tank and a small pile of rocks in a corner serve the purpose quite well. You can also use sand, but I do not recommend it, because it is hard to clean, and any food not eaten seem to decay faster. I also added a plastic plant which I ordered on amazon by the company jardin plants. If you have the correct system, live plants are also an option. Only fill the tank about 1/3 of the way with water, because you do not want the rock pile to be completely submerged. Change the water once every 10 days, or sooner, depending on the frog. NEVER use soap or bleach to clean a frog tank, because the frogs absorb chemicals through their skin. Use hot water only, and wash your hands after holding any pet. If you choose to hold the frog, rinse your hands with hot water, but no soap

Step 3: The Frog!!!

You may find a frog at a pet store. The store assistants can provide extra information if needed. If you do decide to catch one from a pond, it is VERY important you are positive on their habitat, diet, and requirements. My leopard frog eats a large moth every two days, and occasionally other soft bodied insects. The Internet offers good sources about frogs. Again, if you have any questions, just ask!! And enjoy your frog:)