Introduction: FrogBot

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FrogBot is an interactive robot where he can "jump" like an actual frog would.

He leaps towards high places where you can't reach like that glass on the top shelf.

Just call him out and he'll be at it in a jiffy!

Have fun! w

Step 1: Download the Inctructable

Step 2: Creating the Legs

Using your scissors First cut the legs. The long ones are for the front legs, and the short ones for the back legs. Put glue on the white box and make an L shape with another leg then keep folding to make an “ACCORDION “ like leg. Continue doing this for the other legs. Put aside.

Step 3: The FEET!

Cut the feet and paste it at the end of your legs from earlier.

Step 4: Creating the BODY

Cut the TOP and BOTTOM body and fold the sides inward. Now place glue on the white rectangle and paste it under the flaps of the top body. This will shape into a “CASSETTE TAPE” like object.

Step 5: Creating the Body Cover

Cut the final shape and paste it on both sides of the body giving the body its shape.

Step 6: Putting Them Altogether

Lastly position the legs under the body and then paste it.

Step 7: MAKE IT HOP!

Let it dry. Then make it HOP!! ENJOY!

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