Introduction: From Nothing to Rockets

This instrucable will explain how to make rocket candy and the casing

Do not do unsupervised 

Do not do around open flame 

not responsible for accidents 

be safe

Step 1: Ingredients

Stump remover (KNO3)
- stectacide brand perfered

Corn syrup



Step 2: Making Rust

you will need

- a cup     - bleach

- coffee filter     -steel wool


Put the coffee filter into the cup first                                                Let it sit over night

then put the steel wool into the cup                                                pull out filter keeing the rust from spilling out 

Finally pour bleach into cup                                                            Boil off water

*make sure steelwool is submerged in bleach

Step 3: Making Casing

You will need

-paper       - rod        - glue      - Clay    


cut paper into strips
*cut width of strip as you desire

glue the entire srtip of paper

wrap around the rod tightly to make casing

close one end with clay and let dry 

Step 4: Making Rocket Candy

you will need 

- Hot plate      - Spatula       - Sugar 

- Stump remover     - Corn syrup     -rust

- water     - beaker/cup 


- KNO3 60%     - Sugar 30%     -corn syrup 10%     *add 5% rust of the mass of the three ingredients 

Ex: 50g sample    KNO3- 30g   Sugar- 15g     corn syrup- 5g      *rust- 2.5g  

put sugar and KNO3 into cup/beaker
- add water to the mixture until all is dissolved 
- grind rust as fine as possible then add to mixture
- set hotplate 
-when all water boils off add corn syrup
-turn off heat
-mix together until gel like substance remains 

Step 5: Filling Cassing

you will need

- rod     -casing    - rocket candy       -spatula     - clay


- use spatula to pick up rocket candy 

-scrape into casing

- use rod to compact 

-repeat till 1/4 inch of space remains

- fill rest of space with clay 

-let cool and dry

Step 6: Finishing Casing

you will need 

- casing with rocket candy in it     - Drill


- use drill to drill small straight hole into casing

Step 7: Finished

You are ready to launch a Rocket!!!!!