Introduction: From Pallets to Bed

Hello fellas,

In this Instructable me and my friend - Ivan, will show you how we made a king size bed for a real kings!

Hope you enjoy!



Step 1: Materials

You`ll need:

- 4 wooden pallets (make sure they are the same size)

- Measuring tape

- Hand saw

- Sanding paper ( 100, 200, 400)

- Towel

- Oil for wood

- Screws

- Screwdriver

Step 2: Do Yor Homework!

As making the bed is quite time- consuming work I would recommend to start with a good plan. Start by measuring your mattress. In our case it is 2000 x 1400mm and the pallets we found were 1200x 1000mm.

Step 3: Cut

Tip: cut the edges of the pallet. Your toes will thank you later!

Step 4: Have a Coffee Break

Step 5: Sanding

Almost always when you get second hand pallets they will be dirty, the wood will be damaged with scratches or stains. Sanding the top layer will release the real beauty of the wood and also prevent wooden pieces getting in your mattress. Start with sanding paper with grid number from 36 to 100 to remove any flaws in the wood. Sanding paper from 100 to 180 will remove any scratches. We used 80, 240, 400 and 600.

Tip: Finish with sanding paper from 180 to 500 to remove any raised wood grain fibers for extra smoothness.

After you are finished sanding wipe the pallets with wet towel/cloth to remove any wood-dust.

Step 6: Assembly

From the left out pieces in step 3 you will need 5 planks.

Put those as shown on the image. The idea is to secure the pallets to each other so make sure you screw all pallets together.

Step 7: Enjoy

Tip: Apply wood oil. Let it dry for at least 1 day.

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