Introduction: From Scraps to Gift Tags

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This project describes my crafting motto "No Scraps Left Over". I am a frugal crafter to say the least and I don't like to throw any scraps away when I am done with a project. My mind is racing as I come to the end of a project with what new creations can be made with the scraps.

Step 1: The Initial Project

For this scrap adventure I started with a Christmas Pennant Banner. I had a selection of very cute owl gift tags. They were too cute to put on a package and then be tossed in the trash, so I decided to make a pennant banner for next year's celebrations.

The foundation of the banner is made from a discarded book. I cut out the pennants from the pages and then added a red strip across the center and secured the owls.

Step 2: The Scraps

The scraps I had left from the initial project were book pages and small red paper strips.

To make the following project you will need a few basic materials.


  • Scrap paper from previous projects
  • Glue
  • Blank Gift Tags
  • Small embellishments
  • String for gift tags
  • Foam mounting square (small)

Step 3: From Red Paper Scraps to Gift Tags

I was able to create three gift tags using the red strip scraps. Two tags had abstract trees and one an abstract bar picture.

Step 4: Abstract Tree Tags


  • Take several red strip scraps and cut them to various lengths.
  • Stack the lengths from longest to shortest to create an abstract tree. The size of the tree will be based on the number of strips and the size of your tag.
  • Add a small section at the base of the tree for the trunk.
  • Glue the paper to a gift tag base.
  • Add a star or other element on top of the tree to finish the tag.
  • Slip a string tie through the hole and your tag is complete.

I was able to create 2 tree tags from my scraps.

Step 5: Abstract Bars Tag


  • Glue three strips to the tag in a vertical pattern.
  • Place a small strip across the vertical pieces diagonally.
  • From the book page scraps punch out a small heart.
  • Color the heart using your favorite technique. (I used an ink pad and a baby wipe to give a soft marbled look)
  • Mount the heart in the center of the tag using a foam mounting square.
  • Slip a string tie through the hole and your tag is complete.

I was able to create 1 abstract bar tags from my scraps.

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