Introduction: From Trash to Fish

Hello To All. This is my first time at this, so bare with me.

My name is Seth and I'm going to show you how to turn, “Trash into Treasure!”

I'm going to show you how to make a fishing experience memorable. This includes making your own fishing pole and putting together basic equipment from discarded items, aka, “Trash” that people throw away.

Here is a list of items that I've used and you can use too!

Dried Bamboo or Rattan – used for you're fishing pole

Discarded fishing line – I found it wound up when I went fishing one day

Tip-less Nerf Dart – Used as the bobber

A Stick – Used for the inside as a stopper for the line and bobber

A Discarded Nail – Used for weight

Bacon that my brother didn't eating that would have been thrown away

Fishing hook

Step 1: Rattan Poles

Cut rattan reed to your desired length. You can use tradition bamboo.

Rattan must be dried because if you use the rattan reed wet, it might bend.

Step 2: Fishing Line

Wrap the fishing line around the top of the rattan pole 5 times and tie it into a knot.

There are better ways of doing this, but i'm trying to make it as simple as I can.

String the line to the length of the pole. This is important, trust me. Clip off access line with a nail clipper.

Don't use your teeth!

Step 3: Nerf Dart Bobber

String your tipples Nerf dart to the fishing line.

Then insert the stick piece to keep the Nerf dart bobber from slipping up and down a lot,

but still loose enough to adjust.

Step 4: Thread the Hook

Thread your hook on the fishing line and then tie it in a knot shown on the picture above.

Step 5: Nail Weight

Tie the end of your line to the nail.

The nail is for weight. Please note that the distance between the nerf dart, the hook and the nail may vary.

This will depend on how deep the water is.

Step 6: The Bait

Hook your bacon on the hook.

Please be careful to not hook yourself.

Believe me, it's very painful! Ask an adult for help if you need to.

Step 7: Let's Catch a Fish

Find a good spot to fish and have fun.

If you like my project, please vote for me! If I win, the prize would be a wonderful

gift for my dad on Christmas.

I want to thank my dad for helping me with this project and

also to thank him for always taking time with me and showing me how to be resourceful.

But most of all, just spending time with him is the best part. Love you Man!!!!

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