Introduction: From Ugly Old Cork Board to Jewellery Display/holder

Turn that old ugly cork board into something beautiful that you actually WANT to use!

First instructable (be gentle ;) )

Step 1: Dismantle Your Cork Board

Heres where we start dismantling the cork board. As you can see, mine had staples, holding in a wooden board (which was conveniently falling off). Most will be fairly similar in design. Once the board was removed, the staples were still firmly wedged in, holding the cork to the frame. I used small pliers to yank those suckers out! You know, carefully..with full safety gear and gloves...of course!

Step 2: Pull Apart Your Cork Board

Ok, now we can see what we've got. I had 3 pieces; the frame, the cork and the wooden board.

Step 3: Paint Your Frame

My pictures managed to go horribly wrong but I think you understand how to paint a wooden frame.I used a cheapy 1.5 inch brush. I used a sample pot of house paint that I matched to my fabric. House paint is great if you like the matt look, otherwise, a gloss, or spray paint would be your easiest option.

Step 4: Iron That Fabric!

Ok, I admit it, I hate ironing, I do it so infrequently that I usually refer to it as "the hot, flattening thing".But I digress, I tried to get away with not ironing my fabric and it looked like crap so its easier just to stop complaining and go and get the hot, flattening thing.

Step 5: Adding Fabric

Now you can either add fabric to just your cork (if its thick enough), or to your cork and board together. I did the latter.

So lay the fabric out flat (pattern side down) being careful to 1) get as much dog hair on it as possible and 2) having the dog actually walk over the entire thing.

Lay your cord and board cork side down onto the fabric.

Step 6: Staple That Fabric!

Now of course, my photos went bad again, but, not be deterred, I have done this incredible simulation using bubble wrap and cardboard. You would hardly know it wasnt the real thing!

Fold up the first edge, one of the shorter ones, pulling it tight, and staple it onto the board all along

Fold the opposite edge, again, pulling it nice and tight but not stretching the fabric out of shape and staple securely.

Before the next fold, you can cut the corners diagonally to get rid of a bit of the bulk. Be careful not to cut too close to the corner or you will create a hole. Leave enough to fold securely. You may be able to see (in the fourth picture, I have cut one corner but not the other so you can see the difference in the bulk when folded over.

Staple the long edge after pulling it nice and tight.

Fold over the last edge after, yep, you guessed it, pulling it nice and tight. And staple securely.

Step 7: Put Back in Frame

Now your cork is nicely covered you can replace it in the frame. You can make sure it stays in by taping it, stapling it, adding small screws or you may find, like mine, the bulk of the fabric wedged it in nicely.

Step 8: Hang Stuff on It!

Now it is ready to hang on the wall and have stuff hung on it! I used simple gold pushpins to match the gold in the fabric. Done!

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