Introduction: From Wired to Wireless: Headsets and Speakers!

In this Instructable I will show you how you can make a small device which will make your wired headset or speaker wireless using Bluetooth.

Step 1: Collect the Items Needed

I bought most of the items on eBay, but you can buy them wherever you want.
Look at the pictures to make sure you buy the right items.

Item list:

- USB Bluetooth audio adapter with audio jack
- Step up module to 5 volt
- Battery (I used a LiPo battery)
- Male and female battery connector
- Single cell LiPo charger (recommended)
- Small slide switch (max. 6mm (W) x 10mm (L))
- Tiny magnets (2mm diameter x 1mm thick)
- Piece of wood (3mm)
- Sticky pad (for in a car)

Tools needed:

- Soldering iron and solder wire
- Wires (black and red recommended)
- Prying tool (screwdriver)
- 3D printer
- Laser cutter
- Super and hot glue

Step 2: Take the Bluetooth Adapter Apart

The Bluetooth adapter is the main part of this build.
This module receives audio through bluetooth and sends it through the female audio jack

Open up the casing of the Bluetooth adapter. I used a screwdriver to force it open.
Once you have removed the casing, desolder the USB port.

Step 3: Take the Step-Up Module Apart

If you have one without the USB port, you can skip this step

This module steps up the voltage to 5 volt.
This is the voltage the Bluetooth module needs to work

Desolder the USB port off of the module.

(Later on I switched to the blue one, because I accidentally destroyed the green one.
The blue one is a little bit longer but still fits inside the case.)

Step 4: Make the Case

I made the case in "Stadslab Rotterdam".
It is a place where you can use 3D printers and laser cutters.

I attached the models I made to build the case.

3D print the case and laser cut the cover.
When you have the case parts, glue the tiny magnets in the designated holes of the case and cover.
Take your stickypad and cut it to the same size as the bottom of the case and super glue the flat side to the bottom of the case.

Make sure the polarity of the magnets is correct.
I made it so that all the magnets of the case are the same.
So that the cover can fit on in 4 ways.

If you don't have a place like this nearby, you can use 3D Hubs or Shapeways to order the 3D printed case.
Instead of laser cutting the cover, you could also use a handsaw and a drill.

Step 5: Solder It All Together and Finish It Up

Make sure you know the polarity!
You can find the polarity by looking at the attached pictures and looking at the PCBs itself.
The green step-up module has a different pinout than the blue step-up module on the "IN"-side so look out!

Solder the USB side of the step-up module to the USB side of the Bluetooth module.

Put the slide switch through the hole in the case.
Solder the red wire of the female battery connector to a terminal of the switch.
Solder a (red) wire to the next terminal of the switch.

Now solder this (red) wire to the "+IN" of the step-up module.
Solder the black wire of the female battery connector to the "-IN" of the step-up module.
Solder the male battery connector to the battery.

Connect the male and female battery connector and move the switch.
If you have soldered everything correctly, some LEDs should turn on and the Bluetooth module should blink.
Now grab your phone and see if it works.

If it does work: add some hot glue to secure everything in place and you are done :D

Step 6: Some Extra Points

If i would make a better version this is what I would like to change:

1. Adding a battery charger. I recommend this one: Micro USB LiPo Charger
This module also protects your battery from over discharging.

2. A bigger battery.

3. Other method to stick case to headset.

4. Make it smaller. If you connect all the modules after eachother it will be long but very flat.
This way you can add it to the headset on top of your head.