From an Existing "two-way Switch" to a "three-way Switch".




Introduction: From an Existing "two-way Switch" to a "three-way Switch".

For a while I am trying to
create a third switching point for my existing two-way switch at home.

At the shop they told me that additional cable to the third point is necessary. In my case it’s very difficult do this, because there are no cable traces to the third point and making those would be a hell of work.

So I thought of the wireless switching assortments of KlikAanKlikUit:

Step 1:

These products aren’t cheap and I didn’t want to replace the existing two-way switch.

Step 2:


Switching element and receiver: AWMR-300


o 30 Euro

Wireless Switch: AWST-8800


o 20 Euro



o 21 Euro

Step 3:

Three-way switch circuit (zoomed in).

All the needed materials are small enough to fit in the connection box of the lamp.

Everything is tested and is working just fine.

This solution isn’t cheap, but a lot easier than adding a new cable.


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    You can buy an intermediate switch that does this. If you look at the two parallel switch wires (we used to call them strappers) there are four ends, let's call them Atop, Btop and Abottom, Bbottom. You put in an intermediate switch, e.g on a half way landing. The intermediate switch has four terminals and it connects them in parallel or crossed over. One way it connects Atop to Abottom and Btop to Bbottom and when it is switched it connects Atop to Bbottom and Btop to Abottom. This means that the strapper that is on becomes off, so switching any of the switches turns the circuit on or off. The great thing is you can have any number of intermediate switches along a corridor or up a stairwell. No extra cable is needed, just the switch, so it's not expensive.


    Reply 7 years ago

    Great stuff. I looked it up. One small issue:
    You do realize, that the 3rd switch will be mounted on the other wall, where there are no strappers.