Introduction: From Lonely Glove to Bunny Glover

About: there's not much to say, i'm here because i love crafts and recycled stuff. i did several stuff for my homeplace and i thought it could be interesting to share my ideas.

this is actually an old instructable i used to show on a blog some years ago.
As i like to collect junks (who said "hoarder"?? lol), i used to pick up single gloves laying on the pavements. i don't remember where i found this Thinsulate glove but i thought i should give him a second life of his own, apart from his long lost twin.

so i used:
-The lonely glove
-some sewing thread, some yarn and needles
-2 buttons
-a small bowtie
-3 felt cloth pads
-a glue gun and its hot glue

and like 15 minutes of spare time.

Step 1: Snipping Fingers

It is a two fingers animated puppet, therefore i cut out the extra ones. Snip thumb, snip index and little fingers. But before to cut the fingers, and to prevent the glove's yarn to unravel, put them outside in and sew the holes.

Save the cut fingers for the next step. All of them will be re-used.

Step 2: Frankenstein-ing Bits

So you've got three leftovers. First fold the edges inside to prevent unraveling. As far as i remember, i'm not even sure i added matressing matters in the nose, the glove's yarn was thick enough to fill itself. I sewed the paws on sides.

There's no way a "classic" human hand could fill the paws AND the ears at the same time, so there's no access for fingers in those paws. But in case you'd decide to fill the ears with cardboard (or not), it could be possible to cut holes on sides and sew around the cut glove fingers to use them for real. It's up to you.

Step 3: "Bowties Are Cool"

It's almost done. I'm not very skilled in embroidery but enough to figure the nose and mouth details.
then i glued to pieces of felt cloth pads to figure the teeth.

The cloth pads where ready to stick but i prefered to glue them with hot glue to be sure it's sturdy. And also i was too lazy to sew them (and also the button) on the glove. Same for the bowtie.

I could have glued or sewed a pompom behind to figure the tail. Again, i was too lazy to make one. XD

Step 4: Taming the Bunny

Isn't he dapper? :D

Make a "V" for victory with your hand and slip it into your new puppet!

Bunny Glover is able to play peek-a-boo with his ears! with the unused fingers you can move the nose.
Reverse your hand if you want the ears to fold backwards.