Introduction: From Pants to Jacket: a One Hour Project

I had these pair of pants that were too small for me and was meaning to make something from them. The question was what. Then my 8 year old daughter wanted a jacket, since her regular one was getting too small. I decided to upcycle the pants to a jacket in the minimal possible way.

Step 1: Get a Feel for the Project

Lay the pants on the floor and take a few basic measurements of the project. As this is a quick and dirty project, we are not going to be too particulat about things. Basically, you need to cut part of the legs for sleeves and hack the rest for the body

Step 2: Cut the Legs

Measure the length of the sleeve that you want and cut the legs out. Your legs will be the sleeves

Step 3: Rip All the Seams

Rip the front seams (where the zipper is) and open the fabric up. This will be the body

Step 4: Make the Sleeves

If your arms are skinny (like my daughter), then you need to cut the sleeves to size. You can use one of the existing blouses to get an idea of arm width.

For the body piece, mark where you need the armholes to be

Step 5: Put It Together

Now, if you fit it like a jigsaw, it looks like a jacket. Take it to the sewing machine

Step 6: Sewing

I didnt get a picture of the sewing, but the basic steps are as follows:

1. Sew the shoulder

2. Sew the sides, leaving space for the arm holes

3. Attach the sleeves

4. Sew up the raw edges

Step 7: Some Photos of Sewing

Here are some halfway photos, with the sleeve sewn. Remember to sew everything on the wrong side

Step 8: Fit and Enjoy

Get your model to wear it, put a button on, and thats it, you are done!!