Introduction: Front Carrier Rack/Pannier for Suspension Bike

I was looking for a front rack for my new suspension bike, and to my dismay i saw the prices were 250 Dollars +++ for the most basic version.

With my layout you can choose any front rack you want and with a few simple tools and an hour or so of time you can custom fit any rack you want.


Front rack of your choice.
Simple metal saw (or a dremel if you got it)

Hammer (possibly)

Drill with metal bits.

Nuts and bolts to fit your rack and pipe clamp dimensions.

Pipe clamps with rubber inserts and with a mounting point on it. (normally this size is 1 1/2 Inch clamps for suspensions)

Step 1: Choose Your Rack

I chose a simple 20 dollar rack from a generic site.

Step 2: Get Your Pipe Clamp

Normal size for suspension are 1 1/2 Inch .

Step 3: Modify Rack

First off, take off the mounting rods from your rack that normally would be fitted onto the wheel.
Then adjust and bend the part that normally fits on top of a basic fork to be able to mount it on the top of the suspension fork. (might need a longer screw than the one that is there originally)

When it is securely mounted on top, and set to and angle over your wheel you like, move on to next step.

Step 4: Add Clamps to Your Suspension

I chose to set them directly leaning on top of the mounts for the front fender/breaks.
Make sure they are not too low and clear the disc brakes (if your bike has those)

Tighten those suckers nice and tight around the suspension on each side, making sure the mounting hole for your rack mounting arms are in the right position pointing away from the bike.
If screws are too long, use your trusted metal cutting tool to shorten them.*

Then head on to next step.

Step 5: Hammering, Sawing and Drilling Time

Now you need to temporarily put back the mounting arms on your rack that would normally attach to the wheel.

Then angle them downwards and align them with the mounting holes on the clamp.

Make sure your carrier rack is aligned properly over the wheels in your preferred angle, hold the mounting arm over the hole on the clamp, make a little mark where you need to cut it.

Cut one, then measure out exact same lenght on the second one and cut that one too.

Now you will need to hammer the end flat on both sides, then drill a hole that matches the size of the screw that will hold them in place onto the pipe clamp.

Step 6: Mount It All Together

If you did the previous steps correctly, you can now mount on all the nuts and bolts and your rack will fit perfectly on your bike and work perfectly with your suspension bike.

For finishing purposes, i took the time to sand every piece where i cut, then spray paint it and all nuts and bolts used for the mount to match the bike.

Hope it helps, any questions please feel free.