Introduction: Front Fender Mood Lamp

After having an accident i as left with a car that was not worth fixing or scrapping. As the car was occupying space in my backyard i applied some creativity and turn it into some furniture.

This is a very simple project that you can make using simple tools to turn a front fender into a mood lamp for one of your rooms.


  • A front fender;
  • LED light strip - i used one with an IR remote as i had it laying around;
  • some wall hooks;
  • hot glue gun and some glue

Step 1: Preparations

  1. Clean the inside of the fender so you wont have problems with LED strip not sticking well.
  2. Plan the position of the LED stip. In my case, the strip follows the wheel well very thigh and then turns back around by the side marker light. After the side marker light the strip was loosely placed so that the light from the LEDs makes some cool patterns on the wall.

Unless you have an electrical socket right behind were you are going to place this lamp or are able to pass wires through the wall, be sure to place start of the LED at the lowest point of the fender.

Step 2: Some Glue

After defining the position of the strip, apply some hot glue to stick it in place.

As mine as an IR remote i found a hole on the mudflap were i placed the IR receiver.

To not scape the wall i also put some hot glue at the lowest point of the fender.

Step 3: Find a Wall

Chose a place where you want the lamp and place some hooks on the wall. (the one in the middle i only used to rest the fender when installing it.)

Step 4: Place the It on the Wall

Place the fender on the wall and connect it to a wall socket.

Step 5: Test and Have Fun

Test if every thing is working fine and you have a new lamp.

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