Introduction: Frontend - GalileoHome


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The Frontend App brings all technical home devices together. With this App you have the power to set, save, control and regulate all your home devices. Set the colour of your lamp or the power of your fan, get sure that your door is closed or make yourself a coffee from out of your bed after waking up.

Step 1: Get Ready, Download the Links

    You can either download the app on the App Store (search for "Galileo Home") or download the source code and compile it yourself. To compile it yourself take the following steps:

    1. Download Xcode 7 on the Mac App Store (available in autumn)
    2. Download the iPhone project here:
    3. Open the project, connect the iPhone to your Mac, then in Xcode press the start button in the top left corner

    (Works only with a Macintosh computer)

    Step 2: Android App

    If you don´t own an iPhone you may also download our Android App from the Google Play Store.

    It runs from Android 4.1 and is optimized for Devices with at least qHD Displays. Any Bugs may be reported through the Play Store.