Frosty the S'more Man Ornament

Introduction: Frosty the S'more Man Ornament

I choose this design because everyone loves s'mores and snowmen. This shows the sweet and happy spirit of the holidays. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to combined these two fun things together.


  1. Just like when you make a s'more, you have to start with the "graham cracker" base. Create a brown rectangle.
  2. Create a white rounded marshmellow cube and adjust it to the size of the base.
  3. Next, you put a dark brown rectangular piece of chocolate on top of the marshmellow cube.
  4. Then, add another brown rectangle (same size as step 1) on top of it all.
  5. To finish, you decorate the face and add a date. Create and put on the front side of the marshmellow cube 2 half circles, 1 cone, and 6 paraboloids for the face. Add the numbers and snowflake for the rest of the design on the front side of the bottom graham cracker (brown rectangle).
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    7 years ago

    This looks cute and tasty! Creative "recipe" too!