Introduction: Frozen Cappuccino

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Hi dear friends!

This is Filippo from Italy! :)

If you have ever followed me before, you probably know that I love healthy foods and recipes.

But today, I'm making the so-called "exception to the rule" with this not so healthy, but super yummy, recipe for a perfect Frozen Cappuccino! :)

This kind of dessert is very popular in Italy, but there's no "classical recipe" to follow. Everyone makes his own, which is good! I've just followed some advices from friends and family and add other ingredients to make my version.

Cappuccino is one the classic Italian coffees, and one of the most appreciated. Its popularity is due to its sweet flavor and full-bodied taste, less strong than a regular Espresso. An easy-to-drink one!

But, the thruth is that Cappuccino always has a full serving of Espresso inside, which is only lightened but some milk and sugar.

Cappuccino is also my favorite kind of coffee. While Latte Macchiato (milk "spotted" with some drops of coffee) is too light for me, in Cappuccino you can still feel the aroma of a good, strong Italian coffee.

This dessert version also involves ice-cream, cream (sometime used in regular coffee, but not so often) and sweet yogurt.

It's a great dessert for these hot, summer evenings.

But promise me that you won't overdo with this tastiness! We have to stay fit, my friends! :D

Oh well...maybe not this time.

Let's go to the market!

Step 1: Ingredients

This list cover 2 cups/glasses of dessert, but if you want more you only have to double this amount! :)

  • 100ml (3.38oz) of raw-fat milk
  • 100ml (3.38oz) of Italian style coffee (the best one you can find)
  • 100gr (3.52oz) of sweet white yoghurt (don't go for the sour one, this time)

Muller makes an excellent 0,1% fats sweet yoghurt, so you can have a good choice with the illusion of a less fatty recipe XD

  • 200gr (7.05oz) of Stracciatella ice-cream

Stracciatella is like regular white ice-cream but with a lot of crunchy chocolate chips inside. This will give a great texture to the mix. If you can't find Stracciatella, you can always go for the classical white one and add some chocolate chips after. If possibile, buy homemade ice-cream. Here in Italy is very easy... 1 out 5 shops are gelato's ones :D

  • About 12 ice cubes
  • 4 teaspoon of sugar, I suggest brown sugar
  • Fresh liquid cream (to whip later!) or homemade whipped cream

Some gelato's shop also prepares a wonderful whipped cream that you can take away. If you prefer, you can buy it there, already whipped! But please, don't use spray whipped cream. It's awful. XD

I used whipped cream directly from gelato shop! :)

The tools you will need are as follow:

  • Blender
  • Digital scale
  • Whip for the liquid cream (if needed)
  • Spoons and cups
  • Sac à poche or syringe for food decoration (to apply whipped cream)

The recipe is pretty easy, in my style! :D

So let's move on, you will have your Frozen Cappuccino in minutes.

Step 2: Prepare the Coffee

As some of my followers may notice, I love this kind of recipes: put everything in the blender and then eat! XD

They are super easy, fast, and satisfying!

So, let's start by making a good coffee with yuor moka.

Use the best quality coffee you can find in your market. It may sounds unnecessary, but coffee quality REALLY makes the difference.

Pour 100ml (3.38oz) of coffee in a cup with 4 teaspoons of brown sugar, and mix it up.

The heat of coffee will help you to do this quickly!

Now, add 100ml (3.38oz) of raw-fat milk to the mixture. I suggest to use fridge-cool milk, so you will have it at room temperature without waiting.

Step 3: And Mix It Up!

In the meantime, take 200gr (7.05oz) of ice-cream out of the freezer, to let it soft a bit.

Did you know that super-hard frozen ice-cream can easily burn the spin motor of your blender? I had some bad experiences about it... so trust me, let it soft a bit XD

Put ice-cream, 100gr (3.52oz) of sweet yoghurt and 12 ice cubes in the blender, along with the sweet milk and coffee mix prepared in the previous step.

If you like the taste, you can also add a portion of vanilla extract before mixing.

Now blend everything until you have a smooth cream.

You can change the "texture" of your mix by varying blending time: less time means a more grainy mixture. Your choice! ;)

Now, pour all the mixture in two cups/glasses (or more if you have doubled the ingredients).

We are almost done, it's time for whipped cream!

Step 4: Whipped Cream

This part is very easy.

Simply pour the fresh liquid cream in a large cup and whip it until it is at the right density.

My Kenwood blender (I love it) has an extra accessory that can be applied on the bottom of the mixing cup, and it works like a big whip. It's also perfect for whipping white eggs. :P

You can add some powdered sugar or vanilla sugar before you whip it, to add some extra sweeteness!

If you have bought fresh whipped cream, skip this part. Like me! :D

Now you only have to load your sac à poche or your decoration syringe (I use the last one) with a good amount of whipped cream.

Take the cups/glasses with the coffee mixture that we have prepared in the previous step and add a whirly, magical cream top on your dessert!

Time for om nom nom nom! :D

Step 5: Time for Dessert!

You can finish everything by adding a sprinkle of brown sugar onto the creamy top.

Now it's time to taste this little sin of gluttony!


Hope you'll find it very tasty and satisfying, and remeber to not overdo with this!!!

My little gluttons! ;)

From Italy, this is Filippo.

Have sweet days.

Ciao a tutti! :D

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