Introduction: Frozen Checker Board Box

I wanted to build something for my cousins two little girls for Christmas and my dad said make checker board that's what I used to make for family and my mom said do something from frozen. These two little girls love frozen and were even them for Halloween so I started working, first time attempting to carve wood.hope you like what I've done

Step 1: Tools and Parts

1 1/3in wooden dowel
Dremel with wood cutting bits
Wood glue
Table saw
Two pieces of wood16x16in
3in wall pieces of wood at least 16in in length
Paint and brushes
Hinges, latch, handles and chain of your choice
Wood clamps
Hammer and finish nails

Step 2: Checker Pieces

With the wooden dowel I marked on a piece of wood where to push the end to which was around 1/4 in. And cut 24 pieces out to creat my check pieces. Then drew on them to give me an outline to carve.

Step 3: Finishing Checker Pieces

After drawn and carved out I picked my wood stain and used needle nose pliers to dip each piece and lay out on some rags. Then folded rag over and dabbed them to remove excess stain for my Olaf pieces.
For snowflake pieces I cut a tiny paper snowflake and laid it on each piece and used spray paint to creat the outline after they dried and sprayed the bottom side I finished them with a clear coat of spray paint

Step 4: Wood Box

Measured out wood to make a 16in square and then found pictures online to copy free handing them with pencils and writing out "Frozen"
Using the "Frozen" as the top of the box and the drawings of Olaf and Sven as the inside

Step 5: Box Carving

I then carefully used my dremel with first a larger wood carving bit to make a sort of circle around each drawing tracing up to my drawing.
Make sure to be careful and keep a firm grip on the dremel so it does not run across the wood where it is not wanted. Using a smaller bit closer to your drawings for better detail.

Step 6: Painting

With the pictures used to copy I carefully tried mixing paints to match the colors as best I could without going crazy buying separate color paints. Carefully painted and close in detail as I could to match each character to what the picture really looks like.
The checker board is on the opposite side of Sven and Olaf. Measuring to make all boxes even I taped out squares which was done twice because the tape covered half of the squares that needed to be done.
Then taped to create lines because I was to nervous to cut the lines out with either a router, dremel of table saw. This was done twice also so that lines were done both directions.
Once all was dry I then clear coated the pieces with my clear spray paint which gave it a nice finish, shining the wood.

Step 7: Making Box

Cut the 3in strips of wood to stand a frame on the 16in piece of wood used large wood clamps to hold together and a finish nail gun to nail frame together with wood glue on connecting ends.
Then clamped the square frame to the wood square and tried using the finish nail gun to connect the bottom board to the frame. Unfortunately the nails bent to the inside so I manually used finish nails with a hammer to make the bottom of the box

Step 8: Fixing the Nails Inside the Box

Cut wall pieces same widths but little thicker wood to fit inside the box and used clear gorilla glue making two thin beads along the length of the wood and clamped the tight. Made sure to follow directions for this glue, dampening then clamping together and letting set for 30-60 min to seal over the nails poking inside

Step 9: Adding Hardware

I just found some of the cheaper and low profile latch and handles and found hinges that would fit the box and support the weight. Measured them to be equal distances apart and screwed them in, just followed installation instructions if any questions come. The chain I choose I had to fins screws to fit through the look and attached one end and then held the lid slightly more open than 90degrees and attached the other end to hold the lid open

Step 10: Finished Project

Now you have a box with a checkerboard on then bottom for frozen fans.
Hope you like this little project I have finished

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