Introduction: Frozen Hibiscus Fruit Sangria

This tart and fruity frozen mixed drink is the perfect summer beverage.

Peaches are in season in Texas. The local farmer's market is the perfect place to find these golden delicious beauties. Ripened on the tree, picked and drove straight from Fredericksburg, we had little time on our hands before these passed their prime.

Soon, there was a freezer full of fruit.

This is what I came up with.

This recipe yields about 2 servings.

Step 1: Ingredients

Hibiscus tea concentrate. (This tea was steeped double strength for flavor and health benefits.)

Wine. Anything juicy & fruit forward will do. Red or white. Suggestions: Tempranillo, Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio

(Note: I used up a well aerated bottle of Yellowtail Shiraz. This brand is typically mild and rounded for the average wine drinker. The spicy notes made up for the omission of brandy typically found in Sangria recipes.)

Frozen in season peaches, halved

Frozen ripe strawberries

Or any frozen sweet fruit combo (fruit medleys can easily be found in the frozen food aisle)

Optional: Agave, honey, or sweetner of choice

Step 2: Measure

1 cup of Hibiscus tea concentrate.

1 cup wine.

2 frozen ripe peaches, halved
1 Large handful of frozen ripe strawberries (about hands are pretty average)

Or 2 cups frozen fruit combo of choice

Step 3: Mix and Blend

1. Start or pulse on low. This will rough "chop" frozen fruit.
2. Turn slowly to medium.
3. Increase speed to high. Blast on highest setting for 60 seconds for smoothest blend.
4. If the consistency is too coarse, blend for additional 15 second intervals*.

*When using high powered blenders the residual heat produced by friction of blades can melt the slush. Make sure to pulse or blend @ intervals to avoid having to add ice for frozen effect.

5. Taste. If more sweetness is desired, add 1 TB sweeter or a splash of OJ.

Step 4: Sip and Enjoy

Please drink responsibly. NEVER drink and drive.