Introduction: Frozen Makeup Tutorial

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For this tutorial, I imagined I had spent a night in the snow-- frostbitten nose, windburnt cheeks, and ice crystals dusted across my face-- much like in the movie "Frozen" (the non-Disney version, without singing snowmen and awesome ice palaces).

Step 1: Materials

As you've probably noticed in most of my tutorials, I try to not focus on specific products and instead use what is at hand. However, this particular tutorial requires more specific materials:

  • Ice FX Kit by CMD, Inc
  • Ben Nye Snow White hair color
  • Ben Nye/Kryolan Rainbow cream wheel & bruise wheels (can be swapped out for alcohol-activated palettes as long as you don't use them around the eye area)
  • Orange sponge
  • Black sponge
  • Ben Nye Super White powder

Step 2: Frostbite

Begin by giving yourself frostbite. Frostbite is the destruction of tissue due to extreme cold, and begins in the extremities furthest from the heart. For the purpose of this tutorial the obvious choice was the tip of my nose, though fingers and toes would also be an appropriate choice.

Apply the darkest color (navy blue or black) with a textured cosmetic sponge to the tip of the extremity, covering it completely. You don't want any skin to show.

Next, feather in the dark purple radiating out from the darkest color, either lightly using a textured sponge or with a brush. Here is where you can start to blend out the color and allow some skin to show through. I also brushed a small amount around the nose to simulate broken capillaries.

Lastly, feather the primary red around the edges of the purple. Also apply the red to any areas that would be irritated-- the nostrils, around the eye, etc.

Step 3: Windburn

I swiped a black sponge dipped in primary red and a bit of maroon quickly across my cheek to simulate windburn. Like frostbite, windburn happens to exposed areas that are furthest from the heart. Cheekbones, chins, and foreheads are all areas that would realistically get windburned.

Step 4: Blue Lips

I applied a bit of the navy blue and purple creams to my lips with my fingertips. When the body is exposed to extreme cold, circulation is impaired, reducing the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body and resulting in a bluish color on certain body parts.

Step 5: Super White

Using a powder brush, apply several layers of Super White all over the skin. This will both set the cream products (or reduce shine if you're using the alcohol palette) and give skin the pale appearance it would have after several hours in the cold.

Step 6: Snow White Haircolor

Pour a little bit of the snow white haircolor into a dram cup and carefully brush it on to any exposed hair using a toothbrush.

Step 7: Ice FX Kit

Apply the Ice FX Kit to areas where moisture would gather (corners of the mouth, underneath the nostrils, etc), or on exposed areas where snow might blow. Work one section at a time. Apply the gel first with a spatula, and then apply the crystals beginning with the largest. Be sure to get a good assortment of crystal sizes on the gel and to blend the edges down with the smallest crystals. There is no easy way to apply the crystals, really-- just throw them or stick them into the gel with your fingers. Alternately, for a wetter look, you can mix the crystals and the gel together in a dram cup prior to application to create a sludge, and then apply the sludge directly to your face with a spatula.

Step 8: Frozen!

Congratulations, you're frozen. Don't forget to complete the look by repeating the process on any exposed skin and accessorizing correctly.