Frozen Marshmallow Snowmonster Costume

Introduction: Frozen Marshmallow Snowmonster Costume

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The Marshmallow costume is one that I designed for myself .. I wanted to challenge myself by trying all new materials that I had never worked with before. Initially ,I rummaged through the house to find things that I was sending to the thrift store and came upon a couple of old yoga mats. At first I had no idea how to put them to use. I decided to try using a household silicon type cement to piece the mat together using straight pins and duct tape to keep the pieces together as the cement set up.

The body of the costume is formed over a hula hoop frame that I created with pieces of plastic hula hoops and wire .I knew that the yoga mats were flimsy so I bought a foam floor mat to use for the body and saved the yoga mats for the rest of the costume.

The method worked but it was very, very slow. I could only assemble a couple of pieces a day. It was more important that the cement was set completely than that I could progress quickly. It ended up taking a couple of months and nearly $250. in added materials to complete this costume. Never would I have started this project if I had known how many trips I would have to make back to the hardware store to purchase more cement. I probably used about 15 tubes in all . Basically, the costumes is made from cutting out construction paper into pattern pieces,cutting the yoga mats and gluing them together, I just made it up as I went along. I watched the movie scenes over and over and looked at images to decide what pose and expression I wanted the character to have, The yoga mats were too hard to make the facial features from so I used an oven bake clay for the face and glued it to the head. I added a lot of caulking to blend it in.

When I had the base done I then caulked all the seams and applied a 3 thick coats of a white house paint over everything. For shadowing I crushed some blue sidewalk chalk and painted it in to the creases. Finally, I painted inside the eyes and mouth with blue acrylic paint.

Overall, I was pleased with the final costume except that it is just big enough for me to squeeze into and walk around in. It was too expensive to make a larger version ,however.

For Halloween , I plan on wearing this costume with my grand child dressed in an Olaf snowman costume I made for her. I think we will be a big hit !!


Yoga mats
Goop Glue
White spray paint
Duct tape
Hula hoop
Blue paint, chalk and lights
Foam floor mat
Construction paper
Oven clay

Step 1: Construction

1 . Cut out 6 pieces of the floor mat. Glue together. Leave the bottom open to climb inside.
2. Cut out 4 pieces of yoga mat to reduce the size of the opening. Glue to opening.
3. Cut out yoga mat to fit over the opening.
4. Using the paper create a face.
5. Cut 4 legs and glue into a tube. Glue to the body.
6. Make 15 large spikes and 18 small spikes out of yoga mat.cut 2 arms and 4 hands.
7. Assemble the arms and hands.
8. Glue arms to body. Glue spikes to back , elbows and ankles. Cover paper face with mat.
9. Form face out of oven bake clay (sculpy ).Bake. Glue in place.
10. Make 13 clay teeth. Bake and glue on.
11. Spray white on all exterior surfaces.
12. Grind the check and rub into all the crevices. Paint interior of face with blue paint.
13. Glue lights inside face.

Step 2:

I finally found battery powered blue led lights!!! YAY!!

I added blue led light s by puncturing holes in the eyes and mouth. I purposely had the eye lights visible , but hid the mouth lights behind the lips. Once I was happy with the look I glued the lights in place from the inside with Goop adhesive.

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    This is awesome! I wish you had broken it into more steps and explained what you were doing in each step, but it's such an awesome costume and I love the idea of you and your little one dressed as this and Olaf! Remember, you can enter anything published throughout the year in the Halloween contests!


    8 years ago

    this is awesome! gonna maybe try it in a different eaiser and lesx expensive way