Introduction: Frozen Banana Smoothie

This is a simple recipe I made that uses everyday kitchen ingredients to make a cold and refreshing beverage.

Step 1: Banana Ninja

1.) peel two banana
2.)cut the banana into chunks
3.) put into blender

Step 2: Vanilla Milk

1.) add 1 cup of milk into blender
2.) add 2 tea spoons of artifical vanilla flavoring

Step 3: Oats Up (optional)

if you want the drink to provide a more filling feeling then add 1/2 cup of oats

Step 4: Blend and Freeze

1.) Blend until smooth and watery
2.) pour into a cup that can be refrigeratorated
3.) freeze for about 30 minutes

Step 5: Stir Up

1.) After about 30-45 minutes of freezing take a spoon and stir
2.) enjoy :)
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