Introduction: Frugal Food: Tuna Mornay

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This tuna mornay dish takes literally about 5 minutes to make and is super cheap. It can be enjoyed as is, or in the following ways:
  • Combine with cooked pasta in a baking dish, cover in grated cheese and bake in a hot oven until golden brown
  • Cover with breadcrumbs in a baking dish, top with sliced tomato and chopped parsley and a little grated cheese and bake until golden brown
  • Divide mixture into small ramekins, cover with a disk of puff pastry, brush with egg wash and bake in a hot oven until pastry is golden brown and puffed up
The ingredients you require are:

- 2 tablespoons of olive oil
- Half a brown onion
- 2 tablespoons of plain flour
- Half a cup of skim milk
- 1 large tin of tuna
- 1 small can of corn kernels
- A few thin slices of cheddar cheese
- Salt and pepper

Step 1: Step 1

Put a large saucepan on the stove and turn it on to medium heat.

Add the olive oil. 

Finely chop the onion, and when the pan is hot, add the onion.

Sauté until clear.

Step 2: Step 2

Turn the heat down to low once the onion is nearly finished. 

Add the flour and stir in with the oil and onion. 

Hint: You're going to make a white sauce, so you may need to add a little more oil or flour, depending on how it goes. 

Brown the flour for a minute.

Step 3: Step 3

Add the milk to the onion and flour. 

You may need a little more or less than stated, depending on how much flour you used. 

Stir continuously for a couple of minutes until you have a relatively thick white sauce that doesn't have any lumps of flour. 

Step 4: Step 4

Add your tin of tuna and corn and stir thoroughly. 

If it looks a bit runny, then keep stirring it and your saving grace will be the cheese! 

Add a few thin slices and let it melt and mix in with the rest of the mornay. If it's too thin, you can add more cheese. 

Add a little salt and some cracked pepper to taste.