Introduction: Fruit Amigurumi

About: A young rapscallion that derives joy from making things from string! Currently enamored with knitting, Hansen soda, and my adopted shelter cats.

At the beginning of last year I wanted reconnect with my crafting roots since I finally finished school! I am a self taught crocheter and loved the idea of making small objects rather than hats or scarves. On facebook I asked my friends what their favorite fruit and favorite color was, those that replied got stuffed fruit!

The first big project was making a dragonfruit; I'd only seen them on rare occasions to the local chinese grocery store. I snapped a phone pic and prayed. Luckily I found better inspiration by surfing the web and finding  Fruity Cuties.

My ex-roomie from college made the request for blackberries. These were super easy to make and super easy to lose. I believe that my cats made off with at least three before I started resorting to a plastic bag.

Lastly were making strawberries for my childhood best friend. The cats also took a liking to these little gems, I had to make a second set filled with a little bit of catnip. I think these turned out the most realistic of all fruit attempts.

All fruits were made with an E hook and worsted weight (4) yarn. All patterns were created on the fly so I didn't write down the instructions. But fruits are organic so it is good they are all unique!

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