Fruit Custard Recipe ( With Fresh Homemade Eggless Custard )

Introduction: Fruit Custard Recipe ( With Fresh Homemade Eggless Custard )

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Try this delicious Fruit custard with quick & tasty homemade custard ..

Ingredients: ( for fresh eggless custard )

2 Tbsp – cornflour

1 tbsp – sugar ( raw sugar or honey for healthy version )

1 tsp – vanilla extract ( or 1/2 tsp vanilla paste )

2 cups / 500 ml – milk ( thick milk or full fat milk )

a pinch – saffron ( for color )

Step 1:

Get ready with all the ingredients

Step 2:

Into a saucepan, add the cornflour, sugar, saffron, little milk and whisk until the cornflour is well blended with milk ( like a lump free mixture ) ..

Step 3:

Now add the remaining milk, vanilla and mix well

Step 4:

Put the heat on medium-high, stir and cook until it becomes very hot ( not boiling ) ..
note: keep stirring the whole time.. it will slowly thicken .. stir like an ‘8’ to prevent scorching at the bottom ( you can see the video for this tip )

Step 5:

Once it becomes very hot and thick ( just before boiling ), reduce the heat to low and cook for just 3 mintues.. ( or cook for 5 minutes if you want a very thick custard )

Turn off and remove from heat.. Immediately, pour into a bowl and let it cool ..

Once cool, refrigerate for 3 hours or overnight for a cool custard..

To Prepare : Fruit Custard

You can use any fruits of your choice .. I used 1/2 cup each of banana, apple, mango, strawberry and blueberry

To prepare fruit custard:

  • Into a bowl, add all the chopped fruits, pour the custard and mix .. Fruit custard is ready !! .. enjoy :) ..


  • If you like to layer the custard and fruit without mixing, you can do so by placing a spoon of custard and topping with fruits and repeating until needed or the bowl is filled ..
  • This is a great option of ‘ 1 – 3 Toddlers 11am snack ‘ or a filling evening snack for 1+ toddlers and kids ..

Hope you will try this delicious fruit custard :) .. and remember to share your feedback :)

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