Introduction: Fruit Flies a Problem? Here's a Simple Way to Make a Fruit Fly Trap for Your Bar

About: Welcome to the only Online Bartending Resource you will ever need to visit again. From Bartending Basics, Bartending Tips, Tricks and Insider Secrets to Drink Recipe Video Tutorials to Bar Tricks, Bar Jokes a…  Fruit flies can be a problem when it starts getting warm out.  Having fruit sitting behind the bar all day is sure to bring those pesky little flies.  Not only are they an annoyance, they can give the impression of a dirty bar and can get into liquor bottles and end up in customer's drinks (now that's embarrassing).  

Watch the video for a quick and easy fruit fly trap that you can make with the items you already have in your bar.  Keep a trap close to the fruit trays and they should keep away the majority of those little pests.