Fruit Picker

Introduction: Fruit Picker

How to make an effective fruit picker in 15-20 minutes at no cost...


1. Long straightish stick
2. Means to remove excess twigs from the stick (hands, secateurs, saw...)
3. Hammer, two nails, and optional washers
4. Tin can (larger variety where possible!), optional material to pad the can.

Step 1: Make Your Pole

Find a long straightish stick and trim off any side bits
You can use hands to break them off, secateurs, or a saw to cut them off.
You shouid end up with something like in the picture... (you'll probably want to remove the unused branch that's still on this stick)

Step 2: Make and Add the Collector

1. Cut a large V shape in the rim of the tin can, this is where the fruit stem will go in and be cut/twisted off.
2. Check how sharp the V is, just for your own awareness; i used secateurs, and it was not sharp to the touch.
3. Nail the can to the smaller end of the stick, using at least two nails in the direction of the length of the stick, with washers holding the can to the stick (it'll still work well without washers).
You will be able to bang the nails through the gap of the V.
4. You may wish to pad your can with material for minimal bruishing, but the fruit doesn't fall far at all into it so this is not necessary if you're planning on eating them soon enough.

Step 3: Collect Your Fruit

Go out into the wild world with a basket and your fruit picker, and collect some fruit.
You should be able to pick anything from small fruit to large. Just catch the stem of the fruit in the sharpish V of the tin and either twist or push forward, and the fruit stem will be broken and the fruit fall into the can.

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