Introduction: Fruit Salad Cocktail

This is a tasty mixer - I threw it together at a New Years Party where is turned out to be a real hit. It's very fruity and refreshing. Still, the alcohol is definitely present. Either way, it's a fairly versatile drink that's worth trying.

Step 1: Ingredients

The items in this drink are pretty simple. You'll want a drinking glass, a shot glass (if you want to measure), ice, cranberry juice (or similar), ginger ale, peach schnapps, banana schnapps, and (optionally) a paper umbrella. I personally like to serve it in a tumbler glass, but it looks equally nice in stemware. All of the drinks should be cold, so if they haven't been the refrigerator, you should let them chill.

Step 2: Mixing the Drink

1. Put the ice in the glass. 3-4 large cubes should be plenty.
2. Add 1 shot of banana schnapps.
3. Add 1 shot of peach schnapps.
4. Add 1 shot of ginger ale.
5. Slowly add cranberry juice to taste.
I like to add it slowly just in case the ginger ale decides to foam up.

I'm not of the opinion that the brands matter a lot, at least for this drink, but the pictures from the first step are of the brands I used.

6. Enjoy!