Introduction: Fruit Sticks

Fruit Sticks are always a hit when we bring them to summer parties!

Shopping List:
1 watermelon
1 honeydew
1 Cantaloupe
1 large package of strawberries
1 package of blueberries
1 package of grapes (green or red)
1 package of sticks (I got ours at walmart in their outside grilling section )

*It does take some time to wash, cut, assemble and clean up the fruit.

Step 1: Wash, Cut and Assembly

1. Wash all of the fruit. Place blueberries in a bowl.

2. Remove the grapes from the vines and place in a bowl.

3. Cut the tops of the strawberries and slice larger ones in half. Place in a bowl.

4. Cut watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew in cubes, place each into its own bowl.

5. Set out the bowls in the order you want to place the fruit onto the sticks.

6. Assemble the fruit sticks. We started with strawberries, then watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, 2 grapes and 2-3 blueberries.

7. Place/stack the fruit sticks on a round plate.

Step 2: Serve

1. serve with a drizzle of strawberry yogurt.

2. Enjoy!

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