Making Fruit Vinegars; Alternative Method.

Introduction: Making Fruit Vinegars; Alternative Method.

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This is an alternative method that I developed for making fruit vinegars. It differs from my original method ( ) in that the natural pectin found in the fruit skins is released and utilised for thicken the fruit  vinegar to a syrupy consistency rather than just reducing by boiling down.

I have used Damsons (small sweet Plums) in this recipe, but any berry or fruit can be used. Although this is probably best fruit vinegar that I have ever made.


2 Kgs ripe Damsons

2 litres Vinegar (I have used Malt vinegar, but you could use; Wine. Cider, Rice, Spirit, vinegars, etc.)

2 Kgs Demerara sugar

850 grams clear Honey.

Soak the Damsons in the vinegar for about 24 hours. Saving the vinegar base, drain the damsons and place in a large pan. Measure out 250 ml of the saved vinegar, and pour over the Damsons. Turn on the heat, bring up to the boil and reduce the Damsons; this may take up to 15-20 minutes or so on the boil. Strain the Damson skins and stones from the liquor, and throw them away. Return the liquor to the heat, bring to the boil, and stir in the remaining Vinegar, Honey and Sugar, bring to the boil, turn down down to a rolling boil and reduce by about 1/4. Bottle into sterlised glass bottles and cap.

This has turned out to be a full bodied, rich tasting vinegar with a bit of a smack; it's well worth doing, and it is fantastic marinade for both Pork and Chicken meals, and as dressing for salads, etc.

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    Hi is it possible to use balsamic vinegar with this? Or does using
    the fruit and sugar turn it into a balsamic style vinegar? Thanks :)