Introduction: Fruit/Flower Wedding Centerpiece

My fiance and I are paying for our wedding and didn't want to drop loads of coin on some fancy centerpiece. Although, we do have a taste for design. Her favorite color is green and she likes whispy lines. So we decided to go with a fruit/flower theme. We have a budget so we picked some flowers that didn't cost as much.

Step 1: Materials

IKEA:1 Glass Vase (IKEA Rektangle) $5
1 Glass Vase Small (IKEA Rektangle) $2.50Floating Candles (IKEA FENOMEN) 24/$6

Grocery Store:3 Limes 6/$2
1 Lemon 3/$2
Crafts Store:Curly Vine 50/$5

Nature:Beach/River Rock FREE
Water FREE
Florist:Green Poms Bunch/$1.40
Gerbera Daisy 1/$1.50White Daisies Bunch/About $1.00

Total $14-$15

Step 2: Arrange

We haven't gotten married yet but we wanted to put these together first to see exactly how much it would cost. Of course, not having any experience with flowers, I put the stones in first. You'll find out, if you're like me, that putting the flowers in first makes it easier to position the way you want.

Arrange in this order.

Large Vase (Vertical):
- 4 Limes
- Water
- Floating Candle
- Head of Daisy

Small Vase:
- Cut Flowers to wanted size
- Place flowers
- Place rock
- Water
- Curly Vine (More forgiving than flower stems)

Put everything in except the candle and floating flower before you fill with water.  

Step 3: Tweaking

Really, the next part is up to whatever is aesthetically pleasing to your eye. I used a color balance method of placing the yellow diagonal of each other. We were going to combine the fruit with the flowers, but the taller vase was too narrow. So I just cut the head of one flower off and placed it next to the floating candle. My fiance is still worried it is going to catch on fire. I'm confident in the placement that it won't.
You can cut up the lemons and limes too for a different look. (It may not last as long though).

Step 4: Branding

Now you have to brand your centerpiece. This is the part that we haven't done yet. (THIS PART IS PHOTOSHOPPED). We haven't decided exactly how we're going to do this yet. I'm thinking, we might use some avery labels and print out our logo. She is specific on what type of ribbon she want's to use....So we're still shopping.

Step 5: Final Look

After it's all said and done, you have a nice fresh centerpiece look. Please post pics if you try this one out. 

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