Introduction: Fruity Cubes

Cute and yummy-looking. Colorful. Fragrant. Slow-release action. These remind me of the little cubes you stick in the dishwasher... but they taste really good. Like summer in a cube. All you need are: fruits (I had some prune/peach-ish things) and juice. And then you'll probably need an ice tray and a knife/chopping board.

Step 1: Slice

This is your chance to be a Fruit Ninja. Go slice up some fruits into little cubes. I kept the skin on my fruits because apparently skins have lots of fiber and they also add pretty colors to the cubes : ) It was really hard for me to cut the nectarine/peach-with-crunchy-flesh I had, but I found that if I cut it along two sides, I could rip out the segment with my hands -- no yummy flesh wasted.

Step 2: Squirt

Fill the ice tray with the contents of a juice box. They came up about half full for me.

Step 3: Fill

Distribute your little cubes of fruits among the ice cube holes, then pop the whole thing into the freezer.

Step 4: Cannonballll

Drop the cubes into a glass of water and enjoy!
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