Introduction: Fsx Arduino (gear)

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Step 1: What U Need

U need : Arduino mega or uno : fsx : Arduino software : links2fs_milti beta5e 3 red eld 3 green eld Wire Toggle switch 3 ended

Step 2: Connecting Eld to Bord

Put 3 red eld in a triangle and the green to The put a wire to the big pin coming or of the eld do this for all six then connect the green wire to the pins of the arduino bord pins 2,3,4 Then the red wire to the pins 5,6,7 Then on the arduino look for ground and put a wire on it an run it to the bread board then get six wire and connect them to the pins of the eld that are left out the short ones t

Step 3: Toggle Switch

Get the tree ended toggle switched And put wire to it and connect them to the bread board The middle pin on the toggle is ground so connect that to ground on the bread board And the chose a side for up and down for the the landing gear then connect that to the board and run a wire from wher you connect the up and down and run the up wire to pin 8 and the down to pin 9

Step 4: Soft Ware

For the soft ware you going to get the soft ware from. And when you get it open the folder and you are going to get Folder names Demon imps New inos Wave And you going to go to demo inos and look for multi key gear simple sim connect and u open it whit arduino program and u select the port and upload then go back to the folder that u download and open links 2 fs program and go to communications setting DON'T MESS WHIT NOTHING YET so go to it and go to card 1 and put the port of arduino and connect then go to simconnect extraction(1) and go to indication side. And chose abc gear and in detail then go to extraction on top and go to systems 2 and go down and select gear position and then save

Step 5: Open Fsx

Open fsx and chose a plane and the light souls thorn on yea so cool I know then when you are flying have fun with the toggle switch