Introduction: Fuel Filter Replacement 2006 - 2016 Toyota Camry

This Instructable will show you how to replace the in tank fuel filter on 2006 - 2016 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder cars.

Step 1:

When you purchase a Toyota fuel filter (genuine or aftermarket), this is what is supplied, the top cover connected by the fuel outlet hose to the filter. After you have removed the fuel sender / pump / filter (FSPF) assembly from the fuel tank, you will be removing the fuel gauge sender assembly and fuel pump from FSPF and refitting them to the new filter/ top cover assembly.

Step 2:

Remove rear seat - two (2) ‘U’ shaped wire clips at front edge of seat click into white plastic receptacles on floor

Step 3:

Prise off cover to access fuel sender / pump / filter (FSPF) assembly

Step 4:

Slide clip out (towards rear of vehicle) to unlock fuel outlet hose. Withdraw hose

Step 5:

Push tab to release electrical connector from top of FSPF assembly

Undo eight 8mm bolts securing FSPF assembly to tank

Remove assembly from tank

Cover open fuel tank and ensure that no naked flames come anywhere near the open fuel tank as the fuel vapour is extremely flammable.

Step 6:

Disconnect two (2) multi-pin connectors and earth plate from top cover

Step 7:

Remove circlip from spring loaded locating rod

Step 8:

Depress two (2) clips (on each side) and separate pump/filter assembly from fuel sender housing housing

Step 9:

Depress two (2) clips (on top) to separate bracket from top of pump/filter assembly

Step 10:

Remove fuel inlet screen from bottom of pump/filter assembly, two (2) clips

Step 11:

Remove bottom pump retaining plate from filter assembly; three (3) clips around bottom of filter and two (2) clips at pressure valve

Step 12:

Withdraw pump from filter assembly and disconnect earth/power lead from pump (note position of blue and black wires to pump)

Remove pressure valve , ‘O’ ring and collar from filter housing (valve at top right in above image)

Step 13:

13 - Fit pump and O’ ring to new filter and reconnect power lead to top of pump (blue power lead to inlet screen side of filter - it is keyed for correct positioning)

14 - Refit pressure valve, O ring and collar to new filter housing

15 - Refit bottom pump retaining plate to filter assembly / three (3) clips

around bottom of filter and two (2) clips at pressure valve

16 - Refit fuel inlet screen to bottom of pump/filter assembly, two (2) clips

17 - Remove large seal from old filter assembly top plate and and fit to new top plate

18 - Refit bracket to top of filter/pump assembly (removed in step 11)

19 - Refit pump / filter assembly to sender unit housing by reconnecting (2) clips on


20 - Refit long spring to guide rod and reconnect to FSPF top cover. Secure with circlip

21 - Reconnect (2) multi-pin connectors and earth plate to top cover

22 - Refit FSPF assembly to tank and secure with eight 8mm bolts

23 - Reconnect electrical connector and fuel hose / retaining clip

24 - Refit cover with additional adhesive if required

25 - Refit rear seat base ensuring that seat belts are not trapped under the seat and in their correct positions.

25 - Start vehicle and check for leaks.

Step 14: