Introduction: Full 3D Printed Mini CNC

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Hi first,I'm a maker from China.

This project is a 3D Printed Mini CNC. All parts are printable. You can build your own at a low cost. All parts were printed on a traditional FDM 3d printer. It would takes about 40 hours gets all parts printed.

Besides the printeds parts. You only need 3 step motors to move 3 axis, a small brushed motor ,some cutting knife.An arduino UNO and 4 Easydrivers as the controller.

Thogh it's small, it can still work well with forms and soft plastics.

Step 1: Hardware Design

The CNC frame was designed with 3dsmax.

The frame include a the gantry structure and a X axis.the the gantry structure include the Y axis and Z axis .We use three high speed step motor(0.9º) to drive X,Y,Z axis.To make the CNC as small as possible,A 80 mm M3 screw were used as the silding screw. A brused motor was designed work with the carving knife.

Aafter days of printing (with an ultimaker2),we finally get all parts of the frame.

Step 2: Electronic Control

The cnc uses an Arduino nano as the controller. 4 easy drivers were used in order to drive the step motors.And a L293D moudle to drive the brushed motor.

Using the GRBL firmware to control the movement of the cnc.


Step 3: Test Carving

Using ARTCAM to generate the G code and control the CNC.

This machine can get a good result on cutting forms and soft plastic.

There're two examples which craved a "test" and a rabbit on an ABS plastic.

Thanks for watching and feel free to leave your comment :)

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