Introduction: Full Body Hoop Workout!

This is a full body hula hoop workout! All you need is a hula hoop, a weighted hoop is best but a non weighted hoop (like a kids hoop from target or walmart) will also work. The most important part is just getting out side and doing something active and that you enjoy! There is more health benefits to hula hooping than you would think! This is an awesome workout that can be done daily for toning up and losing weight at the same time! Happy Hooping! Here is the workout written out...

Hold each stretch for 15-20 seconds
-Stretch your hoop over your head as high as you can
-Stretch your hoop to the left side with two hands on the hoop 
-Stretch your hoop to the right side with two hands on the hoop
-Stretch your hoop out in front of you with two hands on the upper part of the hoop as the hoop rests on the ground

Do this exercise to failure (until you cannot do any more)
-Hoop V-Ups- Bring your hoop and your legs up to meet each other 

Hoop Jumps:
30 Seconds
Start out side your hoop, jump to the inside and then to the opposite side you started on.

Until failure(until you cannot do any more)
Start with a pushup with your hands inside the hoop. Jump from the pushup and bring your upper body slightly to the left as your left hand goes outside the hoop then do another push up as you push back to the middle. Repeat on the right side. If you have wrist problems or cannot do a pushup I would recommend either doing this exercise with your knees on the ground or just walking your hands into the different positions instead of jumping.

Hula Hooping:
Do this for as long as you want but at least 5 minutes.
Bring one foot in front of the other and rock your hips from front to back. 

These tricks are meant to be fun! They can be done as many times as you would like.

Basic Hooping Trick #1 (I believe this trick is called the vortex):
While hooping, reach your hand behind your back as you let the hoop spin over your fingers. As the hoop spins you are going to grab the hoop with the hand behind your back and leading with your elbow lift the hoop above your head.

Hoop Trick #2:
Put the hoop next to you vertically, Bring the leg that is closest to the hoop inside. Now push the hoop up towards your opposite hip as we lift the leg that we did not put inside the hoop. We will now catch the hoop with the opposite hand that we pushed the hoop with to get the hoop up our body. 

-Consult your doctor before you start any physical activity. I am not a licensed health professional. 
-Hooping is meant to be fun so enjoy your time doing it! You can get fit and lose weight by doing things you enjoy! 
-I would recommend practicing hooping outside until you have great control of your hoop. Beginners may break objects if their hoop goes flying in the air! 
-Some benefits of hooping includes:
     -Intense cardiovascular workout which means its good for your heart.
     -It massages major organs throughout the body which can regulate you and keep you feeling strong.
     -The circular motion of the hoop actually slowly cleanses your system and improves blood flow.
     -Hooping also strengthens your core and helps you lose weight! 

Happy Hooping! 

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