Introduction: Full Face of Makeup With Rainbow Eyeshadow

In this Instructable, I will be giving a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve this full face of makeup with rainbow eyeshadow look. Doing elaborate makeup can spruce up the mundane chores of everyday life and help you relieve stress. Getting into makeup helped with my confidence and made me more eager to get ready for work/school in the morning. I hope that with the help of this tutorial, you can feel the same!

Step 1: What You'll Need


*Matte means there is no shine or glitter in the eyeshadow, it is just the plain color.

Step 2: Preparing for Makeup Application

  • Wash your face and hands.
  • Wet your blending sponge under warm water and squeeze out all excess water.
  • Push your hair back with a headband (if needed).
  • Apply primer all over the face. Pay special attention to any spots where your pores are more visible, dry parts of your skin, or any other imperfections you want to smooth over.

Step 3: Foundation

  • Squeeze some foundation onto the tip of the damp blending sponge.
  • Stamp the foundation onto your face in a dabbing motion. Never rub the foundation in or drag it across your face, this will make it look streaky. Make sure not to apply to much and to spread it out evenly all over your face. Don't forget to blend the foundation down your neck, as well.

Step 4: Concealer

In this step, we will cover up any dark circles you may have with concealer. This will also even out the pigment of your skin.
  • Using the applicator that comes with your concealer, apply some to your undereye area.
  • Blend out the concealer using the same stamping motion you used to apply your foundation. Pay attention to blend a lot near your fine lines, this is where concealer tends to crease or bunch up.
  • Dip a small fluffy brush into your setting powder and set your concealer by lightly dragging the brush under your eye. This will prevent it from creasing or wearing off.

Step 5: Setting the Face With Powder

This step will ensure that your foundation lasts throughout the day and removes the appearance of shine/oils.
  • Dip a large fluffy brush into your setting powder and dab the powder all over your face. Blend in/brush off any excess as you go.

Step 6: Contour

  • Take a different fluffy brush and dip the edge into your bronzer/contour powder.
  • Place your contour along the bottom of your cheekbones to emphasize them. Make sure to blend out so that there isn't a harsh line across your face. Do this on both sides of your face.
  • Bronze the sides of your forehead and a bit along your hairline.
  • Contour your jawline lightly to enhance it, and again make sure to blend well.
  • Take the brush you used to set your whole face and lightly blend out the edges of all the places you contoured to make it appear more seamless.

Step 7: Blush

  • Dip another fluffy brush (a slightly smaller one) into your blush. You can also use the pink eyeshadow that you are going to use for your eye look as your blush for a cool effect, which is what I'll be doing.
  • Fluff your blush on the high points of your cheeks and down into where your contour starts to make things more seamlessly blended.
  • Blend out to make the color more subtle or add more to make it more intense, depending on the look you want.

Step 8: Prime Your Eyelids

Before starting to apply eyeshadow, you'll need to prime your lids to help the eyeshadow stick better and make the colors pop.

  • Apply a slight amount of concealer to your eyelids as shown.
  • Using your damp blending sponge, dab the concealer out to completely cover your eyelid, all the way up to underneath your brow. Don't leave any skin bare.
  • Rip off a piece of Scotch tape and use this to create a straight edge on the outer corner of your eye as pictured. Do this to both sides.

Step 9: Adding Green Eyeshadow

  • Dip a small fluffy eyeshadow brush into a green eyeshadow and apply it to the outer corner of your eye where the tape starts. Create a wing shape with this shade and blend out gently using windshield wiper motions and circular motions.

Step 10: Adding Light Green Eyeshadow

  • Use either a different small fluffy eyeshadow brush or the same one with the color wiped off and dip into a light green eyeshadow.
  • Blend light green eyeshadow into where the darker green eyeshadow ended until you're almost at the center of your eye.

Step 11: Adding Yellow Eyeshadow

  • Using either a different brush or the same brush with the color removed, dip into a yellow eyeshadow.
  • Blend the yellow shade on the center of your eyes, blending into the light green shade.

Step 12: Adding Orange Eyeshadow

  • Use either a different brush or the same brush with the color removed and dip into the orange eyeshadow.
  • Make sure to leave space for the pink eyeshadow and blend the orange shade into where you just applied the yellow shade.

Step 13: Adding Pink Eyeshadow

  • Use either a different brush or the same brush with the color removed and dip into the pink eyeshadow.
  • Blend the pink eyeshadow into the orange shade and all the way to the inner corner of your eye.

Step 14: Adding Blue Eyeshadow

  • Remove tape from both your eyes. You'll see the straight edge effect that the tape has created.
  • Use a smaller brush and dip into a blue eyeshadow.
  • Place the blue shadow on the outer portion of your bottom eyelid, blending slightly into the darker green eyeshadow and lightly blending the blue out.

Step 15: Adding Purple Eyeshadow

  • Taking the same small brush from the last step with the color brushed off, dip into a purple eyeshadow.
  • Blend the purple eyeshadow on the lower lid from where the blue eyeshadow starts all the way to the inner corner of your eye, blending the blue and the purple seamlessly together.

Step 16: Adding Inner Corner Highlight + Mascara

  • Using either your highlighter or a light-colored shimmery eyeshadow, wet a tiny brush and dip it into the highlight shade (you can also use your finger if you don't have a tiny brush).
  • Stamp the highlight onto the inner corner of your eye.

Step 17: Highlighting the Face

  • Use a small or medium fluffy brush to dip into whatever you will be using as your highlight, whether it's a highlighter or a light-colored shimmer eyeshadow like I am doing.
  • Highlight the top of your cheekbones, and LIGHTLY highlight the tip and bridge of your nose, and the center of your upper lip above your cupid's bow.

Step 18: (Optional) Applying False Lashes

  • Apply a thin strip of lash glue onto the band of your false eyelashes.
  • Use your fingers or an eyelash applicator if you have one (to avoid hurting yourself, don't use tweezers) to place your lashes onto your top lashline above your natural lashes and adjust them/lightly press them into place until the glue is secure.

Step 19: Lipstick

  • (Optional) Outline your lips with a lipliner. If you're going to overline, don't go overboard with it.
  • Add the lipstick color of your choice.

Step 20: Finishing Touches

  • (Optional) Spray your face with a setting spray and dab it out with your blending sponge (don't do this on your eyes). This will help the makeup last longer and helps all the powders blend together seamlessly.
  • Let your hair down and put on any accessories and an outfit to complete the look.